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's a heinous act and i think we'll talk to the algerian government in the days to come to understand what fully, exactly happened here. >> chris: any second thoughts about the way the algerians handled this? there's a lot of -- not only militant but hostages who were killed. >> well, listen, i think we will obviously be in contact with them about this but the focus needs to be on the terrorists and, a reminder, all across the globe, countries are threat ended by terrorists, who will use civilians, to try and advance their twisted and sick agenda. and i think that that is why this really is an -- will require an international response. and that is why we are so focused on -- with our counterterrorism partners around the globe, northern africa and middle east and elsewhere, working with -- sharing intelligence and technology, expertise, so they can do a good job of destroying the networks before events like this happen. >> chris: let me ask you about that: during the campaign, president obama often talked about al qaeda, as a spent force. but, just this week, when this terrorist action happened,
the government's bills. >> please have a seat. >> reporter: president obama spoke from the white house to stake out a position on the debt limit. if congress doesn't improve an increase the government will run out of money to pay bills. president obama blasted republicans who said they won't raise it without dollar for dollar cuts to the budget. >> the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are not a deadbeat nation. >> the problem is congress has already spent the money. what it would mean for the nation to not make payments. >> social security checks and veteran's benefits will be delayed. we might not be able to pay our troops. >> reporter: in response republicans pointed out president obama voted against increasing the debt limit as a senator. speaker of the house john boehner's office said debt is endangering's children future. theconsequences are real he said. >> the debate had a numbing effect on wall street today. the dow is up 18 to 13,507. the nasdaq is down 8 at 3,117. the s&p is down 1 at 1,470. >>> all of that in washington is being watched closely in sacramento b
to discuss it they did reimburse the district of columbia government some $44 million for the last inauguration in 2009. that probably just scratches the surface of the cost the taxpayers are putting. if you look over the parade route the police presence is just unbelievable. there are probably police officers every 10 feet. i did some quick calculations, it is 1.6 miles from the capitol to the white house and with police interspersed that often on the parade route alone there are over 1700 police officers. that of course does not include the plainclothes guys filtering in and out of the crowd, the 40 or so police agencies including capitol police, secret service, national park police and police from surrounding jurisdictions who have come here to help out. we're told that the parade route now is closed off to all people because the parade route is filled up. however there are ticketed areas where there is still lots of room. i think a hunch maybe a third or half as many people are expected for inauguration as last one is probably right about right on. shep? shepard: thank you, sir
an increase in the debt creel, the federal government will run out of money to pay bills in about a month. president obama blasted the republicans who said they won't raise the borrowing authority without dollar for dollar cuts in the budget. >> the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are that deadbeat nation. >> reporter: the problem, mr. obama said, is that congress has already spent the money. >> these are bills that have already been racked up. >> reporter: the patiented a dire picture about what it would mean for the nation for the first time ever to not make payments. >> social security checks and veterans benefits will be dried. we might not be able to pay our troops, or honor our contracts with small business owners. >> reporter: in response, republicans pointed out president obama voted against increasing the debt limit as a senator. john boehner said that the debt is endangers children's future, that the consequences of failing to increase the debt seal ceiling are real, but so also are the results of allowing our spending problem go unresolved. president
more funds, if not so be it. >> reporter: while some people were frustrated. >> a typical government organization. >> the national symbol for nonviolence. that was something he believed very passionately and advocated. >> reporter: the da will tell us tomorrow how many guns it has collected today and there's another buy back scheduled for next monday. that buy back is going to go on as planned but people will get vouchers not cash for their weapons. in luxeburg, ktvu. >>> and more details now on the gun guy back. the final numbers are in and law enforcement was able to collect a total of 827 firearms. here is a break down from the five locations across marin. nevatto was most successful with 277 guns now off the street. >>> the san jose sharks organization is mourning the deaths of the team's original owner. the front page of the shark's website pays tribute to george gund iii. he passed away this morning in palm springs after battling cancer. he was 75 years old. he was a long time hockey fan. gund and his brother took a chance on the sharks. they will honor his memory this season w
.s. government will make a lawsuit against him for making false claims. in australia they will ask for repayment for appearance fees there. >>> and in the san francisco bay, investigators now say the bar pilot made a last minute turn just before the tanker swiped the -- sideswiped the bridge. they are not clear on what caused the change in course. it caused $7 million to the bridge and to the ship. >>> in just a few minutes we will find out what facebook's secret is. they are making an announcement that members of the community are guessing. it included the line come see what we are building. some experts predict it will be a new smart phone or search service and we will find out at 10:00 this morning. >>> they want to name it after supervisor harvey milk. he needs the support of five other supervisors to put the question on the november ballot. if approved, it would be the first airport honoring an openly gay person. milk was shot by dan white back in 1978. >>> a freeze warning is in effect. last night downtown church san jose reached out to the homeless and they are getting more and more emerg
to approve the $250,000 contract for his services. >> that's governments primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety and security of its people. >> reporter: the public safety committee meets at 5:30 tonight. although they plan to protest, the committee is expected to approve that contract. live in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we caught up with governor jerry brown and asked if he plans to provide resources to help curb violence in the city where he once served as mayor. >> i want to help where i can. oakland has to solve its own problems. the fire department, mayor, of you got to put together. >> governor brown said he'll look at what he called any reasonable request for help from oakland. he points out he's sent the highway patrol to assist oakland police in fighting crime. >> police in the northern california city of galt tonight are mourning the loss of one of their own. this happened about 11:20:30s in the farming community about 30 miles south of downtown sacramento. police say officer kevin tonk confronted the suspect. other officers moved in on the
the building. people received $200 for semi automatic weapon. $100 for other guns. >> a typical government operation designed and implemented more than flawed. >> marin county district attorneys office will count the vouchers to see if they can raise the extra money. >>> police in san leandro are searching for two men who robbed an home depot store and caused a worker to faint. two masked men entered the store just after 7:00 last night. they robbed a cashier at gunpoint. one employee fainted and taken to a hospital for treatment. >>> veterans advocates says walmarts willingness to hire newly returned war veterans could start a chain reaction. it will start hiring any veteran that has an honorable discharge and has been off active duty for less than a year. some say they are not sure if this would be just a short-term fix or a long-term career move. >> i couldn't see myself working as a clerk at walmart, but maybe there is other positions that i might find suitable. >> walmart's president says getting 100,000 veterans into the civilian work force should help stimulate the economy and after
with the federal government over -- bank to settle with the federal government over foreclosures. >>> hundreds of thousands of vehicles with a serious safety issue, we'll tell you about the models being recalled and the risk drivers face behind the wheel. >> and what was it? investigators track down the unusual item that fell from the sky and punched a hole in the roof of a southern california home. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at devry.edu. and let nothing stand in your way. >>> honda is recalling 748,000 vehicles because of a problem with the driver's side air bag. honda said it hasn't ha h any crashes or injuries relate -- hasn't had any crashes or injuries related to th
and some customers give it the thumbs up. it was a plan initiated to make government information more easy to access. he hopes it will improve them and when how customers rate it, you really can't say how it is rated. >> especially restaurants. people are picky about what goes in their food and who is around there so it may make people feel more comfortable about eating it. >> reporter: here in san francisco, restaurant lobbyists defeated that plan but those who secured a ratings and the number of food born illnesses went down. they will be rated on a 100 point scale and the mayor will making an announcement where he serves as the chair of technology and innovation. >> he is putting pressure on congress and the president unveiled his proposals yesterday aimed at reducing gun violence. analysts say it will be tough getting any gun control legislation through and they are demanding action. >> what is more important, doing whatever it takes to get an "a" grade or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> among other actions the president is urging co
aaron's law would modify the computer fraud and abuse act. the law allowed the government to bring disproportion nit charges against swartz. >>> they will talk about the university's less than spectacular defense about marketing online classes to nonstudents. the university spent $4.3 million marketing the online classes hoping to attract tuition from students all over the world. but since the classes started a year ago, only one person who was not already a uc student has take an class. uc online classes cost $1400 to $2400. but other universities like stanford and harvard are offering online classes for free. hundreds of thousands of students have signed up for those classes. >>> season 12 of american idol kicks off tonight right here on ktvu channel 2. mariah carey, nikki minaj and keith urban join randy jackson at the judges table. but judges say the focus is on finding the next big talent and that sometimes creates colorful moments. >> we have so much stuff going on this season. if i were a viewer, i would have be dvring this season. there are so many things. >> as usual fans
and it is all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information easy to access. he hopes he will make it easily citywide. he will be at a conference where he serves as chairman and innovation. the chairman worked with the engineering team to create standards that other city sites and others can use as well. you can see how customers rate it but you can't find out how it is rated by the health department. live from san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> in overnight news, just hours ago the agency announced the boeing 747 dreamliner jets due to safety concerns, it will remain in effect until the battery fires are resolved. >> with the lithium battery, that is a very serious problem. you don't need the -- don't need the real worry of a fire. >> san jose's airport has a dreamliner flight scheduled for tomorrow but they may take off with another aircraft. >>> standoff in algeria but there are 20 who have escaped. some who got away are reportedly americans. the group said the kidnapping was in prevention for frances intervention but hague said this. >> i think we would b
explosives around his neck. an estimated 400 foreign nationals were freed in the government's rescue attempt thursday. up to 18 militants and 12 hostages were killed including fredrick butacchio of katy texas. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary. >> reporter: the group has a history of taking hostages for millions of the dollars in ransom. >> basically got its start in by kidnapping 30 odd european tourists since then they've been involved in kidnapping, they've become involved in drug smuggling. >> tonight there are reports that the kidnappers want to trade two american hostages for two suspected terrorists in the u.s. custody. but ken and gasia right now the u.s. says they will not do that. that's out of the question. they will not negotiate with terrorists. >> jana, thank you. >>> foreigner new orleans mayor ray negin has been indicted on federal chargings. nagen faces 21 corruption charges that include bribery. his arrangement is set for january 21st. his allegations are connected to corruption. nagin gained notoriety during hurricane katrina when he spoke
be hard to ask for a more gorgeous day out here. reporting live san francisco. >>> government buildings are closed for the dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday. state courts schools and credit unions are closed, post offices are also closed and mail will not be delivered today. parking meters in san francisco will be enforced. >>> now where a surf rescue is underway at this hour. this it is not far but a lot of crews are currently held on the beach. at least one surfer is stuck on the rocks in this area. you may recall this where four surfers were caught in a rip current on saturday but now you are looking at crews from san francisco fire and the coast guard and they are working on the shore, we will keep getting information and news chopper 2 will be overhead bringing more information and we will bring it to you as it becomes available. >>> we will show you what is going on at the time stores and how much it is going for, for the big game. >>> steve paulson will be here to tell us about some changes ahead. plus the kings dethrowned the sacramento teams and how it they might be moving. .
that move. >>> the u.s. government will run out of money to pay its bills if congress does not raise the debt ceiling. president barack obama will not negotiate with congress on this issue. while republicans want any increase in the debt ceiling to be tied to spending cuts... >> the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are not attend beat nation and so -- there is a very simple solution to this. >> now in a statement, house speaker phil boehner indicated the republican party is prepared for a fight and the consequences of increasing the debt ceiling are real but so too is the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. >>> they are closely watching this debt ceiling battle in washington and if congress does not act on the debt ceiling, the national economy could fall and that would have a negative affect on california's budget numbers. they revealed a budget surplus in many years and that's thanks to a new tax revenue from proposition 30 as well as spending cuts. >>> the social media is buzzing about a possible announcement by facebook. janine d
we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights that no man or government can take away from us. but we have also long recognized our our founders recognized with rights come responsibilities. along with our freedom to live our lives as we will comes an obligation to allow others to do the same. we don't live in isolation. we live in a society. a government of and by and for the people. we are responsible for each other. you know the right to worship freely and safely, that right was denied to sikhs in oak creek, wisconsin. the right to assemble peacefully, that right was denied shoppers in plakamus, oregon and moviegoers in aurora, colorado. that most fundamental right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, fundamental rights that were denied to college students at virginia tech and high school students at columbine and elementary school students in newtown. and kids on street corners in chicago, on too frequent a basis to tolerate. and all the families who never imagined they would lose a loved one to a bullet. those rights are at stake. we're responsible. and when
getting outside help. >> we have specific requests from the government, they have responded by sending us u.s. marshals. >> reporter: 15 people were shot this weekend and 4 people killed on friday. he says 90% of the crime that happened in oakland stems from a feud between two gangs. >> if we know who they are we should focus on them. that is the difference between what local state of emergency versus what we are doing right now. >> declare a state of emergency says that you got serious problems. and nobody wants to admit to the fact that we have serious problems. >> reporter: he says declaring a local state of emergency would allow the city to ask for more outside help. oakland has 616 police officers now. >> we need more officers on the street. >> reporter: the chief says the best long term solution is training more police officers. there are three police academies in the work that will add 60-70 police officers by next spring. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police are investigating a shooting that killed one person and wounded another today. investigators were called to the sce
of money to u.s. government. >>> the attorney entered a not guilty plea. lohan's attorney entered the plea to three charges filed over a june accident in which lohan car slammed into a dump truck. she's accused of lying to police about driving the car as well as reckless driving and obstructing police. she was on probation at the time and could face up to 245 days in jail. san francisco 49er is the latest 9ers to land on the cover of sports illustrated. as you can see his picture is accented by the headline, here on the cover spot after record breaking performance where he ran for 181 yards and two touchdowns. he threw for two touchdowns and other 9ers who have graced include, jerry rice and steve. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. there are huge lines and lots of guns we showed you earlier the program going on right now to get weapons off the streets and why organizers chose this specific date. >>> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and be sure to join us again at 5:00. have a great day. 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óio0
inspection stores will be put on yelp thanks to mayor lee. he wants to make government information more accessible to the public. >> i think it's great. i think it will help us as customers, you know, feel confident that we're eating good, healthy food and it will help the businesses be more on point. >> reporter: workers at a restaurant in the sunset district think the plan is a good one. a win-win. >> then people can see how high, you know, restaurant ratings are and how clean they are and we'll come to them and other places will see this and will clean themselves up. >> reporter: in los angeles, restaurants receive grade cards from los angeles. but here in san francisco restaurant lobbyists defeated the plan. but those eatery the made more money and the number of food- borne illnesses went down. >> people are really picky about what goes in. it makes people feel more comfortable eating. >> reporter: philadelphia and new york city will soon follow. other services that provide restaurant listings like google and citysearch could follow suit. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channe
the next decade. the first segment in california runs from merced to fresno. >>> the government is granting california $674 million to help build an online insurance market place. the program is called cover california. it is designed to help individuals compare and choose the right health plans. it will help the state comply with the headquarter re-- healthcare reform law. >>> we have new develops about goobal play -- google play apps. according to change.org google dropped the apps. they collected 10,000 signatures urging google to stop offering the apps for download. they alter pictures to make the person look a certain ethnicity. >>> coming up after the break a school fight draws hundreds of students into the streets, what the principal did that is upsetting students. >> this plane is carrying precious cargo for the san francisco giants. the treatment that wasn't for the players. >> relief from the cold, warmer weather returntuse the bay area -- returns to the bay area today. how temperatures will climb over the next few days. >>> new at 6:00 p.m., four students arrested and now the pri
>> the protest -- whose bright stripes ♪ >> many say this is another way for the government to chip away at the second amendment. >> the this is gun appreciation day. own and buyers are urged to send a message to contact and president obama -- openers and buyers are urged to send a message with them to this facility. >> reporter: volunteers are working to complete this condominium complex in daly city. why so many are pitching in today. >>> how the lbgt community is being represented in this year's presidential inauguration. >>> and baseball fans say goodbye to a hall of fame legend. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed inte
of guests included power players from government as well adds civil rights celebrities and thousands of humbler folk who wanted to honor the woman who igniteed the civil rights movement 60 years ago. the marathon service lasted most of the day and featured dozens of speakers. >> two of my friends and i who strongly approved of what she had done decided we didn't have to sit in the front anymore. it was just a tiny gesture by three ordinary kids, but that tiny gesture was repeated over and over again millions and millions of times in the hearts and minds of children, their parents, their grandparents, their great grandparents proving that she did help to set us all free. >> it's a given that i would not be here today were it not for this small woman who lies before us. many of the people on this stage would not enjoy the accolades they enjoy had it not been for the sacrifices of this woman. >> to the parks and the mcalley family, ♪ we want to thank you ♪ thank you for her quiet, her quiet strength and determination ♪ oh yeah , we want to thank you ♪ for her waiverring strength
of us to step forward and participate in our government which is important. >> people were thrilled the festivities on the day that honored martin luther king, jr. for more on today's festivities in washington, log on to www.ktvu.com and click on the inauguration tab. >>> while addressing the nation today president obama promised action on climate change. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us now live in foster city with reaction and the reality. john? >> reporter: indeed it is beautiful here tonight at center park but experts tell me do nothing and today's children will inherit a changed world. >> reporter: foster city could be at the bottom of the bay as seas rise from climate change, water, food and civilization disrupted. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing the failure to do so would betray our children. >> reporter: he devoted a minute to climate change. it was more than in the reelection campaign so it was a welcome surprise. >> reporter: he notes climate and energy reform failed three years ago when democrats controlled congress. >> it i
'm a little surprised but not totally surprised. it is the government afterall. >> the marin county districts attorney office will count up all those vouchers to see if they can raise the extra cash. >>> for now food trucks in downtown mountain view can continue to serve their late night customers. they talked about a food truck ban at their meeting last night. some say those vehicles are a public safety concern on congested streets. others say the truck is serving a grab and go clientele and people who want to eat out after 10:00 p.m.. >>> right now 5:36. let's go back over to sal to check in on traffic. where are you start something >> we're starting on interstate 80 this morning. the traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive on 80 westbound as you continue down to the mccarthur maze. no major problems and it looks like the traffic at the bay there is not a big delay at all coming through. if you are driving on the peninsula we're looking at 101 and 280 it's a very nice drive heading on 101 down to the south bay with no major issues. we're also looking at the livermore valley that ha
will have to pay for the ferry ride to get there. >>> several offices and government buildings are closed for the martin luther king holiday. federal and state courts, government offices, schools, most banks and credit unions will also be closed. the post office closed today. no mail will be delivered. parking will be free in the city of oakland. but those parking meters in san francisco will be enforced. >>> 7:21. we're headed for another sunny day all around the bay area. look outside there right now. will this last? you better stay tuned for steve paulson's forecast. he will tell you when we might see rain clouds rolling in. >>> also, the hazmat scare after a train that was headed to oakland derailed. >>> good morning. westbound 80 traffic moving along pretty well as you head out to the macarthur maze. we'll tell you more straight ahead. >>> a detailment caused about 100 businesses and homes to be evacuate -- evacuated. it's still unclear what caused this. no one was hurt and no nearby businesses were damaged. but one car was leaking liquid. it was not hazardous. >>> 7:24. state offici
. government officials held a news conference discussing this issue. people who live in china now want the government to address the underlying cause and to expand efforts for more emission limits. >>> scientists at uc santa cruz raising questions about how big our galaxy really is. they think it may be half as big as other scientists say it is. they are basing that on how slowly the stars of the outer milky way are moving. they say that's one way to measure the size of thal galaxy. they -- of the galaxy. >> smart people. >> i know. >>> also really smart is sal. are we still at the peak hour, sal? >> yeah, we are. this is between 7:00, 7:30, 7:45. that's when we have the most traffic. we're seeing some of that right now as we look at 237 shing -- seeing some slow traffic there, continuing all the way out to 101. most mostly slow traffic. the morning commute will be busy if you are at the toll plaza. westbound once on the bridge looks good. if you are driving on the south bay commute, northbound 87, that crash near 280 has been moved to the shoulder but 280 itself is slow from about 87
keeping data on where guns are. the government stopped keeping track nine years ago. when it comes to the background, president obama can push for more sharing of information and prosecution of people who try to buy guns illegally. the president will need congress's approval to get sweeps changes made and that will not be an easy feat, especially with the nra prodding supporters in congress. we'll tang a look at the nra -- take a look at the nra's new ad tackling president obama's gun proposals when i see you next. >> and ktvu will bring you live coverage. he's scheduled to make that announcement at 8:55 this morning our time. ktvu will be streaming the president's remarks live at ktvu.com. >>> it is 7:18. people in the bay area are getting hit hard by one of the worse flu seasons to date. the california pacific medical center in san francisco says it is reporting four times more patients this flu season than it has seen in the past two years. they say most of the cases are adults whereas other parts of the country are seeing cases among children. they add they still have a good su
the health department. it's all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information more easy to access. he hopes it will also improve food safety citywide. right now when you go on yelp, you can see how expensive a dish is, how customers are rating it but you can't find out the rating by the public health department. we spoke to the manager here and she says the move is a win- win for everyone. >> i think it's great because then people can see how high the ratings are and how clean they are and other places will see they should clean themselves up. >> reporter: now, restaurants on yelp will be graded on a 100- point scale. in los angeles, restaurants displayed grade cards. here in san francisco, restaurant lobbiests defeated the plan. but those eateries made more money and the number of food- borne illnesses went down. now, mayor ed lee will make the yelp announcement at a conference in washington today where he serves as the chairman of technology and innovation. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> 7:37. local tattoo shops r
is not to not negotiate with terrorists. all of this comes as as the algerian government launched and assault. algerian leaders say their goal was to free hostages and and chur twists -- terrorists -- and capture terrorists. the terrorist claim that number includes about five americans. the state department would not confirm any of these details. we also expect to hear from them who managed to escape yesterday's assault. now, leon panetta was in london when he got word of the deadly assault. what he is saying about the terrorists -- next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and the chaos in north africa is causing oil prices to go up and hit a four-month high. 94.49 a barrel. >> the price of the barrel of crude rose 1.25. now, bp and other energy companies say they are trying to make sure that other workers in the region remain safe. >>> according a -- according to a new toll, the nra is more popular in the u.s. than the entertainment industry. the poll by the "washington post" showed that 41% of americans sees the nra in a positive life as opposed to 34%. >>> gun sales are surging nationwide. some
30 hours a week. >> it's very government controlled and becoming more government controlled. >> some fast food franchises and even city colleges are cutting hours before most of the provisions of the health care law go in effect. >>> a new study shows 3-d screenings detect breast cancer more than the 2-d screenings. researchers say it's the same process as a regular mammogram but captures better images. >> we are gaining ground for less treatments and less surgery. no chemo hopefully. >> doctors recommend women get a mammogram annually after 40. >>> california's unemployment rate remained unchanged in december, but the labor market maybe showing signs of slowing. california has the third highest unemployment rate in the nation. in the bay area, moren county had the lowest. san matae at 5%. in san francisco, 7.7%. in snow ma county 7.9. >>> time is now 7:48. honda is recalling more than 700 how odyssey vehicles because of a problem with the driver's side air bags. the recall involves pilot suvs from 2009 through 2013 and odyssey mini vans. >>> the town of danville has put its plan onl
of tickets that wind up online. >> the government printed 250,000 inauguration tickets. twice that many people are expected to watch on monday. today is michelle obama's 49th 49th birthday. she changed her twitter identity to floats which is first lady of the united states. they promise updates. it replace as previous account under michelle obama. >>> ktvu will have live coverage of president obama's inauguration sunday. look for live reports starting with mornings on 2. >> all of boeing 787 dreamliners aircraft around the world are now grounded as investigators look into two battery fires. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us with evidence on what could happen to these batteries. >> reporter: indeed. lithium batteries are everywhere. cell phone, laptops, power tools but should they be powering airlines. >> reporter: boeing picked lithium batteries for its dreamliners. >> they store a lot of energy in a small volume and light weight. they were able to use more battery electricity. >> reporter: here is the danger. from march of 1991 to last year, 132 batteries got fire. those batter
weapons and high capacity clips are just another way for the government to chip away at the 2nd amendment. >>> today was declared gun appreciation day by the group guns across america and urged gun owners to go to gun stores and ranges to accepted a message to congress and president obama. we called several bay area gun stores and none of them said they were taking part in gun appreciation day. >>> new at 10:00 the lake county sheriff's office released surveillance video tonight as part of a homicide investigation. authorities say the man in this video is wanted in connection with the killing last night of an employee at the the mart in kelseyville. police have offered a $10,000 eward for information in this case. >>> fire crews today quickly put out a brush fire at a san francisco homeless encampment near 48th avenue and balboa street. fire official say at one point flame were two stories high. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> a big rig crash and fuel spell shot off central avenue in richmond today. that big-rig driver was hospitalized, but with minor
interview since it was first revealed to be a hoax. >>> in downtown kabul afghanistan, the government says they stormed in shortly before dawn which set off a deadly gun battle which lasted several hours. at one point the attackers set off explosives causing a fire and at least three attackers were killed and several police officers were also hurt. >>> we are learning more about the 15-year-old boy accused of killing his parents and three siblings in their albuquerque kirk home. nehemiah griego has been arrested but the 15-year-old frequently dressed in camouflage, was home schooled and had few friends his own age. chaplain greg griego was a volunteer chap plain at the jail as well. >>> president barack obama will have his inauguration in washington d.c. and of course off to your left the camera will pan around in washington d.c. and this is attracting thousands of people and kyla campbell is right there in the middle of everything with a look at all the major events happening in just a couple of hours, good morning, kyla. >> reporter: this morning the first family is at a prayer service a
.m. celebrating our history and traditions but once the crowds are gone the government has to get back to the business of running the country. tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as you can see thousands of people there and thousands flooded the capital to watch history happen as president obama was sworn in for a second term. ktvu's ken pritchett was there as thousands of supporters applauded and cried. live now to washington with more. ken? >> reporter: well, this afternoon one official estimated 1 million people. it is less than the 1.8 million who attended four years ago. an impressive sight to see. >> i was here. >> reporter: this man talking t- shirts was part of history, long with everyone who filled the mall. >> amazing. great experience. >> reporter: people walked for blocks. and standing in long lines to get through security gates. she says it is better than four years ago. >> it is better. a lot colder. >> reporter: most people had to watch the ceremony on giant screens. >> so help you god. >> reporter: the swearing in was just part of the show for the crowd. hoping to ge
, a partial government shut down is possible. house members are scheduled to vote tomorrow and democrats in the senate are on board with it. they are talking about it regarding the debt ceiling when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> on our website as well, www.ktvu.com. >> i'll take that, including beyonce, she sang the national an them. >>> they are hoping to be led to the suspect involved in the robbery. three people were able to escape from the store after the shooting from the bullet proof glass. >>> they are deciding whether to approve a consulting contract for bradden. they don't like that he stopped to frisk tactics. but in a letter, they praised him and they said racial profiling will not be tolerated. if approved they will pay his consulting firm $200,000. >>> they set off a hollywood bidding war. the movie called fruit veil, they are now all bidding for the film and the drama was written by newcomer ryan cougeller, and it chronicles the shooting from four years ago on the bart station. >>> they will put bike stations around marin and riders could bo
that a group including the ceo is buying the nba team. sign itberg now -- steinberg wants all government dollars to be paid to them and they suggest kings has no business moving to seattle. >> on the east shore, looking at the traffic along the stretch, pam, on west vallejo through berkeley coming down to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some traffic in slow spots in fact some spots are getting a little more crowded as you drive through so give yourself a little extra time and it will not be like yesterday saying it is super light and that was because of the holiday actually bay bridge westbound, metering lights come on and you own have a few coming in so driving on the peninsular, weep talked about 101 which still looks good and the drive time between half- moon bay and passive can, if you are doing that, both directions look about the same. >>> goodgood mourn cold for some -- good morning, cold for some, cloudy for others, it will take a little time to get more cloud cover later in the day. two systems are in the southwest and that will help but they could split and i don't thin
document are protesting that move. >>> the u.s. government will run out of money to pay its bills if congress does not raise the debt ceiling. president barack obama said congress needs to pay its bills but republicans want any bills paid to be tied to spending cuts. >> they have two choices, they can act responsibly and pay america's bills or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. >>> and the gop is prepared for a fight saying quote, the consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real, but so too are allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. >>> convenience stores will be busy today. people want to hit the new jackpot drawing, an estimated $62 million. on friday, somebody in orange veil matched all five mumps minus the mug did he -- five numbers minute news the meganumber giving them a $250,000 pay day. >>> it is almost every wear and as a -- everywhere and as a matter of fact looking at highway 4 traffic is slowing down from bay point to concord. traffic is mostly slow and the only good news is we have not had any major cr
for the government to chip away at their second amendment right. gun sales spiked 60%. dealers in sonoma county sold more which is an average of seven gun as day. it dwarfs the increase in population growth. >>> we are learning about the california connection to the manti te'o case. the address purported to be that of his deceased girlfriend. it is in carson, california and once the home of the man who allegedly invented kekua and duped te'o. he sent roses to the address but she never existed. te'o told espn that a man named roniah tuiasosopo admitted to making up the hoax. >>> they are paying respects to aaron swartz. he was found dead from an apparent suicide more than a week ago. it comes during a legal battle where he was accused of stealing 5 million articles from an archive. it is the open exchange of information. a ceremony will be held to honor him in san francisco. >>> they lunched a new website despite an ongoing legal battle. the founder of mega upload.com. his new site mega will allow users to share and store large files. kim.com launched the site in new zealand on the anniversary of his
.s. and the philippine government are together to talk about how to remove it. there is damage to the corral reef. the uss guardian ran aground last thursday. the uss found that it was using the wrong graph. >>> as jana katsuyama, news chopper 2 was overhead as the drama unfolded. >> reporter: the call for help came around 11:45 this morning. news chopper 2 flew over head as police tried to reach a surfer who was stranded below the cliff house. officials say the man had been out surfing with a friend when he began cramping up. >> he had climbed up the rock and didn't think he was able to swim to shore. >> reporter: the water was too rough and the rocks too dangerous to get close enough. a rescue helicopter was still 40 minutes away so four fire department swimmers said they would go out in the cold choppy water and attempt the rescue. they told the surfer to jump, he plunged back into the water. rescuers swam over and helped him to the boat. >> he was just tired. >> had he been out there very long? >> maybe half an hour. >> reporter: fire officials say the man was a novice just learning to surf
the algerian government launched an assault on the complex. it's not known yet how many americans could be dead. algeria did not warn the u.s. before that assault. the country's leaders say they had to move quickly because they believe the attackers were gipping to take the hostages to -- were going to take the the hostages to a neighboring country where they could be used as as blackmail or killed. we'll have world reaction coming up when i see you next. >>> time is 5:14. gun sales are surging nation- wide some gun stores are running out of military style assault weapons. since the current debate over gun control started, many gun store owners say their sales have more than doubled. demand for assault weapons is so high in some areas buyers are on a yearlong waiting list. they within to buy the assault weapons now in case they are banned later. >>> man accused of a home invasion and rape in san francisco is due to appear in court today. 25-year-old jovan jones is expected in court today. jones faces nine felony counts. he's being held on $5 million bail. >>> san jose out going police chief den
years. without one there could be a partial government shut down at the end of march. congressman mike honda is making a pitch. i will explain his proposal when i see you next. back to you. >> thank you. >>> great economic news just coming in right now. u.s. home sales rose to a five- year high last year. that should bode well for the markets. dow jones is down a little bit. right now, the nasdaq also down, but the s&p s&p, posting a little bit of a -- but the s&p posting a little bit of a gain. >>> >>> a young girl is dead, several others injured after a strong earthquake rocked western indonesia. the 5.9 quake struck in the area prove vern overnight. the aftershock came about 27 minutes later. several homes were damaged and a young girl was found dead in her home buried up some trouble. in 2004, you may -- rubble. in 2004, you may remember an earthquake hit that same area triggering a tsunami that killed 230,000 people. >>> police in boulder city, nevada say a police officer shot and killed his wife and young son before taking his own wife. he set his house on fire shortly before the
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